Circle Markets

Circle Markets

Circle Markets is providing Forex related services to clients around the globe.

Circle Markets Ltd is a New Zealand company that is a Registered Financial Services Provider.

All trading accounts are true ECN accounts with no risk-taking by us on client trades, this helps to give our client security from large market moves seen in 2015 that caused some brokers to close down, taking no risk on clients trades is key to our policies in providing clients with a safe long-term trading venue.



Circle Markets Limited New Zealand

Circle Markets Limited, registered in New Zealand,  register number: 2164379.

Circle Markets Limited is a Registered Financial Services Provider, register number: FSP460986.


‘No dealing desk’ Execution

All accounts have ‘no dealing desk’ execution that puts you in direct contact with our Electronic Communications Networks (ECN). This guarantees that you enjoy the best prices, minimal slippage, and lightning-speed execution for your trades. By completely removing any conflict of interest from our end, you have absolute control of your trading.

Deep Liquidity

Through Circle Markets state-of-the-art aggregation system we achieve deep liquidity for traders by consolidating multiple pools of liquidity, enabling the most competitive pricing with the tightest possible spreads.

Execution Stability

Another inbuilt mechanism of Circle Markets aggregation is the ability to automatically switch between liquidity sources to achieve the best trading conditions for our clients. This means that clients will benefit from consistent and dependable trade execution with uninterrupted price feeds as well as constant access to the best bid and ask prices available.

Fast Execution

Circle Markets traders can place up to 4,500 trades per second over cross-connect with FIX API, at Circle Markets, we do everything we can to make sure our traders are getting the very best conditions for high-speed trading. Our trade servers are located in London’s LD4 data centre with our liquidity providers cross-connected in the same data centre we can, therefore, offer our clients superior trading conditions.

Spreads and Conditions

Our industry-leading spreads are as low as -0.1 pips on our RAW ECN trading accounts, our quotes are very accurate. For your convenience, we offer a wide range of options for making deposits or withdrawals.

Support High Volume Trading

Each liquidity source has a certain amount of orders that can be filled for a certain price. Our aggregation enables streamlined order entering process by automatically replacing expended liquidity sources with the next best price offered by another liquidity stream, thereby enabling Circle Markets traders to fill high volumes faster with less slippage.