Ready to migrate to cTrader?

Then your going to need to convert all your old MetaTrader 4 Expert Advisers to cTrader cBots.

At Circle Markets we have all the tools & support to help you get moving.

We have found the best programmers that are highly skilled and ready to re-code your MetaTrader 4  EA's or indicators to run on cTrader.

We also have have a free platform to trade via Fix API on cTrader.

Going down the road of re-coding EAs  to cBots is one way to get going,  but you may also fund good free and paid cBots on the links below.

If your interested to know more or need to speak with one of the programmers then contact our 24/7 live website support.



The Difference Between MT4 and cTrader for Automated Trading

MT4 and MT5 use their own in-house programming language which can be used only with their own platform which is called MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4)  this is old technology. The programming language is similar C++ that is much harder to work with than C#

C# is the programming language of cTrader, it far more easy to find a C# developer than a C++ developer. Many modern trading platforms now use Microsoft C# as the algorithmic language.

Moving from one platform that uses C# to another that also uses C# is an easy task when compared to migrating from the outdated MetaTrader platform to any other platform.

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