SkyNet Managed Account


SkyNet PAMM is a multicurrency (pre-)Asian scalper that trade 15 currency pairs at the same time. It start's trading at the end of the American and start of pacific trading session when market players close their positions and short-term trend reversal occurs. Opening positions between 18:30-23:30 GMT, using 5 different exit logics to find the best exit point.

SkyNet PAMM use TP and SL (50 - 120 pips depending on the chosen pair) but will close more than 99% of the trades earlier. It will reach this targets only in unusual market conditions and there is insurance to limit the risk and make it calculable.

SkyNet PAMM is not working with any risky trading techniques like grid or martingale. The system opens maximum of 1 position per currency pair and use a risk per trade of 4.5%

The Achilles heel of every multicurrency Asian scalper is, that they open multiple positions of the same currency in different currency pairs and upper the risk in case of a strong trend. Sometimes up to 4-6 positions at the same time.
We are proud to deliver a solution for this problem with our innovative 'currency correlation risk-manager'.
The 'currency correlation risk-manager' scans the open positions and block multiple positions of the same currency.

SkyNet PAMM allow maximum, 2 positions of the same currency. An example to explain this: If SkyNet already opened a EURCAD - sell and a CADCHF - buy, than it will block USDCAD - sell or GBPCAD - sell, until one of the two opened order are closed. GBPCAD - buy would be possible in this case.


Interesting facts about SkyNet PAMM:

- The average win (pips) is larger than the average loss (pips)
- Winning rate above 70%
- Expectancy over 4 pips
- Profitable in almost every month
- Highly profitable


SkyNet PAMM Live Performance

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  • Min Deposit: 1,000 EUR

  • Performance Fee: 35%

  • Trading at Since: 2017

  • Peak Drawdown: 27% *

  • Average monthly gain: 5.3%