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Circle Markets now offers clients a free cross-connected VPS with www.commercialnetworkservices.com

A Cross-connected VPS is highly important for the best trading conditions when trading with our high-end Fix API servers.

Over the years we have tested many VPS providers only to find out they don't perform,  www.commercialnetworkservices.com is the real deal, their client support is fantastic, and they have a 100% Uptime Guarantee!

To receive this offer you only need to trade 20 lots or more per month with Circle Markets. please contact our live chat support for more information.

To Get This Offer For A Free Circle Markets Client VPS - Click Here


Check out our offer of a free Trading VPS with www.tradingfxvps.com

Any trader that is doing more than 5 lots on the Standard Account or Raw ECN Account gets a Free Trading VPS.

If Trading with our Raw ECN Pro and FIX API Pro Accounts you only need to trade 15 lots to get the free VPS.

please contact our live 24/7 website chat support staff to get more information.

W2 cloud - VPS

W2 Cloud is by far the best value to performance that you can find,  too often big name VPS providers are overloading their servers, particularly around the times of news events you can see firewalls overloading and servers lagging when you need them the most, news trading can be highly profitable time to trade with the right tools, don't cut corners by using a run of the mill VPS providers - talk to w2cloud - these guys know their stuff and will give you the best setup for your  trading systems.