Wave Trade V2

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Wave Trade V2

Wave Trade V2 Trading system is a swing trader, picking the very best trades and holding hours and sometimes days.


Average Win:51.08 pips
Average Loss:-29.00 pips


Due the longer time frame of trades and the larger take profit rang the system works well on  + 100k accounts,  It will normally make 10 - 20 trades per month, but can go days or even weeks without making a trade.

The system is not a grid system and never hedges.
The system checks for a signal generated over a long time period. If the signal exists a trade is entered. It checks for this signal every 30 minutes and if it still exists another trade is entered.

The longer the signal lasts, the more the strength and confidence in the signal and therefore the more size is traded on the signal.

A signal will typically last for 2 to 4 hours


Interesting facts about Wave Trade V2:

Longs Won: (66/72) 91%
Shorts Won: (34/34) 100%
Best Trade(A$): (Jul 19) 50.66
Worst Trade(A$): (Nov 13) -26.26
Best Trade (Pips): (Jul 19) 74.7
Worst Trade (Pips): (Nov 13) -37.9
Avg. Trade Length: 18h 51




Wave Trade V2 PAMM Live Performance

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  • Min Deposit: 1,000 USD

  • Performance Fee: 35%

  • Monthly Av Gain: 5.49%

  • Peak Draw down: 4.75% *