We all know it. Long day at work, we’re just halfway through and the only thing we wish for is to lie down and have a nap. Another meeting ahead is there any way how to get a rest for yourself during those busy hours? Well, there are a few things that can help straight away, but it’s better to be precautious and try not to wear yourself out when it’s not necessary. Don’t expect some magical 5 minutes reenergizing procedures. To stay fresh takes a bit more effort, but it’s easy, easier than you might think. Let’s have a look at these tips!

1. Drink

Do you start every day with coffee? Why not, most of people do, don’t they? Then you arrive at work and before you actually start working, you make yourself another cup? Well, I know that smell, it’s hard to resist. Especially if you’re gifted with so callled openspace office and someone else just treats himself with this pleasure. You can’t hoodwink your mind, you know that smell by heart. But. Do you remember that in every good coffee house you get a free cup of water with each coffee? There’s a good reason for it, coffee not only stimulates us, but also dehydrates our body and we need to refill the fluids.

I don’t want to discourage you from drinking coffee. Not at all. Try to think about alternatives. There’s plenty of natural sources that has similar benefits like coffee (e.g. guarana). Try to keep it up to two or three cups of coffee per day if you can’t say no. And always remember to have a bottle of water on hand. If you know you would forget, keep plenty of them in the fridge. Because the best drink you can treat yourself with, is pure water.

2. Food

Don’t worry, I promise I won’t recommend you eating roots and bugs (even though they might be one of the most nutritious options). Not even giving tips how to lost weight without any exercise. In fact, I will probably tell you what you already know. Don’t skip the breakfast in the morning. If you know you’ll be in hurry next day, prepare your breakfast night before and keep it refrigated. Try to avoid any fast food during the day. Instead try to get meal that won’t be too stodgy, but still fills you up. Today with the boom of different restaurants serving healthy tasty food it’s not hard choice. Look around your office to find a place you may like. Still too busy? Most of the restaurants offer delivery. How about snacks? Dried fruit or nuts will keep you going and also help you to keep your spirits up. Whatever food you’re having, don’t forget to enjoy it. I know, it’s not always possible, but at least try to remember that you’re eating and what you’re eating, your body will appreciate it.

3. Power Nap

If you’re thinking that I’m going to tell you to go to sleep, you’re not quite right. I will, but there’s a BUT again. Ever heard about sleep cycle? Powernap is a short sleep terminating before deep sleep. In other words, short nap when you don’t get to deep sleep stage (in deep sleep stage we’re having dreams). Which is also why you don’t (or at least you shouldn’t) wake up drowsy. How to take a power nap? First, find a quiet place where no one will disturb you. If possible, try to make the room (or whatever place where you’ll have rest) dark, shut the curtains or blinds. Make sure temperature is right for you, if too cold, get a blanket. Don’t forget to turn the alarm on to wake you up. Effective power nap should be around 30 minutes long. This technique demands some routine. For a start, you might find useful different recordings that will guide you to sleep, relaxation or meditation methods are suitable as well.

4. Working Environment

Not everyone is lucky to have part or full time home office. And to choose looks of the office is nearly to impossible. Still there’s few things you may influence. Let’s start with the easiest thing (ok, for those who work with computer). Screen background. It doesn’t matter if it’s picture of your family, your friends, your pet, favorite place or random picture of place you like, but never been to. Anything that positively stimulates your mind and cheers you up will do the job (just be careful with naked pictures, especially in the open space office). Plants. There is always space for a plant on your table. Orchid or tiny cactus. Not only they improve air we breathe, but it’s proven that they can lowel stress levels and gladden you as well. The rest is about little things you need to find out for yourself. If you have possiblities to choose how your office will look like, invest time and energy into it, it will pay you back in the future. If not, look at the bright side and try to find out what you can change so that you’ll feel happier in your work environment.

5. Exercise

What floor do you have gym in your office? You don’t have any? Great, then carry on reading. Sitting for a long time is not beneficial for our body nor for our mind. It’s similar like on those transatlantic flights, you need to remember to keep moving. On the plane you usually get a leaflet with tips for exercise you can do while sitting. Here I will refer to Internet where you can find different exercises – some of them you can do while sitting on the chair. If you’re into yoga, try to look for ‘office yoga’. In case this is ‘not your type of thing’, simply keep moving as much as you can – using stairs instead lift, go grab a drink or snack, goint to toilet counts too!

6. Stay Fresh

Be able to open the window any time of the day and let the fresh air in would be amazing, especially in the office. More often we’re not allowed to open windows because of air conditioning. People are different and so are their ‘temperature settings’. What is too hot for one, is cold for another. If you belong to the second group, keep extra sweater in the office, so you can put it on once it gets too cold. As an ‘instant’ refreshment you can use face or body mist – it will refresh you straight away and moisture your skin (air conditioning leaves our skin dry). Put the plants in your office – look for ficus, dracaena or peace lily. And last but not least, as often as you can, get out of the office and breathe some fresh air in (in case your office isn’t surrounded by busy roads).