Travel & Trade

Traveling is a great way getting to know new places and people, experience unexperienced and taste what we have never tasted before. There are many ways how to make traveling low-cost from transportation to accommodation. Still there are some necessary expenses that need to be covered. And not everyone likes to travel low-cost. Higher standard, personalized trips or simply anything what is above average cost money.

Nowadays it’s quite common to travel and work at the same time. Those people called themselves ‘digital nomads’ and you might find among them forex traders as well. Forex trading gives you enough freedom to travel and work at the same time, but you have to be cautious to keep it that way.

Never leave without a plan

As mentioned many times before, Forex Market is open 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday, trading hours vary around the world according to the local time. This might easy become a trap. Let’s say there’s an event coming up you’re interested in but… You might be sitting on the plane at the same time or waiting in the queue in order to get through the customs. Always plan ahead carefully. No matter where you go no matter what mean of transport you’re going to use keep in mind that any delay might happen. Therefore if your trading is time-dependable always make sure that when the time comes you’ll be in a place with a good connection, no disturbance so you can concentrate would be a nice bonus.

Jet lag and local time

Things like jet lag and local time go hand in hand. Are you sensitive to flight fatigue? Then start trading when you’re over it. Local time, how many hours forward or backwards… Check how local time would affect your normal working hours. Do you trade during the day but at your destination it would entail trading at night? Reconsider, do I want to work or rather enjoy some time off? Obviously just in case you have a choice.

Ready for take-off?

It doesn’t matter if you’re trading and traveling most of the time or once in a while. Setting your own rules and creating a routine would help you to move along in your every day trading as well.