Negative people are afraid of failures and problems. Positive people search for new opportunity in every problem. A college dropout can become the world’s richest person, a disabled person can motivate thousands by running a marathon, a black man can become the President of the United States of America. Hence, problems are nothing but opportunities- your weakness can become your biggest strengths. Research has shown that 85% of the nearly 50,000 thoughts we have on a daily basis are negative. It also estimated that 90% of those thoughts are a repetition of yesterday. On a subconscious level, people are expecting the worst – almost every time. As a result, constantly repeated thought patterns turn into beliefs. These beliefs then combine into a fixed and negative mindset. Law of Attraction says that we attract what we think, that is why we should think positive.

Surround yourself with positive people

Who you spend your precious with the most is who you will become. It’s very important that you surround yourself with positive people, be it family members, friends, and office colleagues. People’s mindsets, vibes, and beliefs will become your own, as we as humans are like chameleons, so we must surround ourselves with the best who will help us to take our life to a new level. If you’re hanging around negative people, they’re going to start bringing you down.

Always smile

Do you know that smiling more often, whether we’re feeling sad or happy, helps our body deal with stressful situations more effectively? A 2016 study published in Psychological Science found that smiling can result in a lower heart rate during stressful hours. As we all know that stress usually causes increases in blood pressure and heartbeat. So, maintaining a smile when stressed provides you with both physical and psychological health benefits. Bring yourself in front of a mirror and force yourself to smile as louder as you can. This process will relieve stress and help change your mood.

Shift the tone of thoughts from negative to positive.

Rather than thinking, “We are going to have a bad time adjusting to our living situation,” think, “We will face some challenges in our lives and will come up with solutions that we will both be happy with.”

Remember few things that you are grateful for presently.

Take time out of every day to recognize the things in your life you are grateful for. It may be your health, your education, your parents, your house, your car, your intelligence, etc.

Read positive quotes

Every day is a fresh start, so reading motivational quotes before starting the day can make a big difference in your life. Paste positive quotes stickers on your computer, fridge door, Almira and mirror as it will remind you to stay positive.