If you think positive, you will attract only positive things to you. However, if you think negative, you will attract more negativity and pain. It might sound you like Karma but in fact, the two concepts are totally different. According to Karma, it is believed that if you do “good,” you will be rewarded in near future; if you do “bad,” you will be punished. Do you keep garbage in your living spaces? No, right? so why would you keep negative thoughts in your mind? Eliminate negative thoughts the same way you eliminate the garbage when it starts to smell.

Here are a few ways to manufacture positive thoughts:


Meditating might just be the better solution to clear negative thoughts from your life and bring about spiritual and emotional recovery. Meditation makes us more resilient,  rejuvenates the mind, and rids the body of harmful chemicals that cause anxiety and stress; it centers us. Think of it this way: if your brain is wired to be miserable, meditation would be the reboot button that allows you to switch off,  unplug, and tune out.

Stress Less 

Imagine stress as fire, and all other unhealthy and negative conditions such as anger, sadness, depression, sleeplessness, anxiety, and addiction as the smoke. Blow out the flames and the smoke will surely dissipate. Fan the flames, and the smoke will brim over. Stress is mainly the sole cause of everything that goes wrong in your life, and as with emotional distress. If you work too hard, you will be unfit: sleep too little, you will be exhausted: neglect your family, relatives, and friends, you will surely feel isolated. So why not discard yourself of most negative thoughts by just choosing to relax? Eat balanced meals, drink plenty of water, meditate, exercise, and have a sound sleep. It is better not to bite off more than you can chew. Research has proved that when we discard stress from our lives, our cells regenerate more efficiently.

Talk Yourself Up

Try to be your biggest fan! Tell yourself at least once a day that you are talented, beautiful, or just plain awesome. Just start doing this for a few weeks and you will surely come to believe it. Pep talks work — they inspire, uplift and motivate. You must do pep talks for yourself on daily basis in order to feel more confident. You don’t have to lie or exaggerate to yourself. For example, the next time something goes bad, instead of telling yourself “This is wrong,” instead affirm, “I should accept this” or “I will be alright.” One should laugh in the face of sorrow (even if it’s forced) and more positive energy will follow. The real fact is that what you tell yourself, you will believe.

Don’t Give Up

When you want to achieve something, it’s almost possible that at some point you’ll think one or more of the following:

“Why is this taking so long time?”

“Why I’m losing money in FX trading.”

Forex trading is tough than I thought it would be.”

“I keep failing at this goal.”

“I am not able to do this. What was I thinking?”

And when you do have one—or more—of these thoughts, you usually give up, right?

Don’t give up. Good things will certainly come your way. That sense of hopefulness, optimism and, as well as faith in your work, can move you forward towards success: Don’t let rejection and failure overwhelmed you.

We should learn a lot by watching other people who have faced the same situation in their life. And learning to persevere is no exception. There are so many motivational movies out there which are based on real stories about people who faced a lot of troubles in their life. And they managed to achieve what they were looking for. Watching such motivational movies can be very helpful when you feel like quitting.

Add Color

Every color brings a different energy to space. Green usually spur growth and flexibility,  yellows add radiance, oranges bring warmth and cheer, reds welcome prosperity, and While there are so many meanings to color, the best color therapists I’ve met have all said the same thing: Start your day with your favorite colors and keep them on display.

Stop Worrying About The Future

We all know very well that worry has not served any purpose to this date for anyone. The truth is that whatever has to occur will occur, there is no benefit you will achieve by worrying about it. The great fact is that what we worry about all the time will not even happen most of the times. It is not worth to waste our energy dwelling on worries. Worrying about the future simply means you are unconsciously generating a lot of negative energy inside your body which is dangerous to your health and success.