The main motive behind affiliate marketing is that you advertise other people’s services or product, often through an affiliate network, earning a commission if your clients actually end up buying that particular product or services. If you offer services or you have a product and want to others to sell on your behalf, you can offer promoters a monetary benefit through an affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is fully built on revenue sharing. If you are financially week and want to earn huge money without setting up any business, then you can advertise other ’s product or service that you observe has an importance in the market.

Let’s take a look at one scenario.

Let say you want to purchase a DELL laptop but you are not able to make a decision which brand and which model to buy. You’re struggling between DELL and HP. What’s the first thing you’ll do? You’ll go to Google and type in something like “Best DELL laptop” or “DELL vs HP laptop”. If you eventually purchased your laptop online, some affiliate marketer will be making money because of you buying that camera.

In simple words, affiliate marketing is the method of making a huge money by advertising other people’s (or company’s) services or products. You find a service or product you think has a great value in the market, advertise it to others and make a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

What You should do to Become an Online Affiliate Marketer

1- Review products:

In order to become a new affiliate marketer, selecting a sound product is the foremost step. Normally, you should select a niche that has a lot of product vendors and you can earn income online with. It is recommended that you should restrict yourself to two or three products or services at a time until you become an expert in this business. Never ever forget to track your selling metrics! These metrics are normally provided by your merchant. So, This marketing metrics will show you which products or services your clients are not responding to and which ones are generating any money for you.

2- Choose the Right Merchant

When you promote any service or a product you also promote the company or the vendor who is behind the service or product so always try to do an online research before selecting the company or the vendor who is behind the product or service. Do you want your clients to go and subscribe to a service or buy a product following your advice then come back unhappy? You know very well that an unhappy client will never come back to your site. Unhappy clients will definitely hurt your credibility in the long run. Usually, company/website that offers 24/7 and good customer support and service will have better clients satisfaction so it is better to stick with promoting their services or products.

3- Consider Buying the Product Before advertising:

Being a new affiliate marketer, you need not purchase every product or service you want to sell. However, it is recommended that you should use a product or service before selling it to your clients in order to establish credibility and trust. Writing service or product reviews online is a very cool way to stretch your credibility being an affiliate marketer. If you actually utilize the service or product and get benefits with it, then sharing your personal experience can be one of the coolest ways of selling those services or products to your clients. As soon as you start making clientele, merchants may offer you “free” products or services and samples of e-books.

4- Sign up for their affiliate program

Joining affiliate program is totally free. Anyone who is good in sales can join it. The biggest thing is that there is no experience required in order to join an affiliate program. When anyone joins an affiliate program and selects the products or services that you want to advertise and sell, sellers give you a unique affiliate code that you provide to your clients. Nowadays affiliate programs offer ready-made banners, text links and other forms of creative copies whereby you only need to paste HTML code on your website to start referring traffic. When a visitor clicks on these links from your website they get redirected to the service or product site and if they subscribe to a service or buy a product, you as the referrer get a commission.

5- Social Media Marketing to Get Traffic

Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media platforms are a great way to get an audience and also a way to viral any product. Making a YouTube video add related to product and services, is a great way to demonstrate your product or services. Right now utilizing YouTube for a more longer-term approach to video marketing and doing videos on Facebook live and Facebook is highly effective as well. Initially, you should use social media as a free way to get traffic, but in case you are not able to get fruitful results then you should go with paid advertising on social media to reach your targeted audience.