Flexible Trading Hours

Forex trading is a tricky business in many ways. There are no fixed working hours. You don’t start at 9am and it’s not over at 5pm. Market is open 24hours from Monday to Friday. And it’s up to you what time you choose to work at. Some traders prefer trading during the day, some prefer trading at night. Today we will talk about the night owls, what can help you to get through the night successfully so you don’t end up exhausted when the sunrise knocks on the door.

Make a plan

Yes, you’ve heard it thousand times before. Make a plan and stick to it. Easy to say, harder to do? Think about it. If you have a plan and follow it, things just get easier. You know your targets, you know when important news you’re interested in are happening, you can focus on one thing at the time. It might sound like a waste of time making a plan, but in fact it will save you much more time than what you dedicate to create it.

Don’t get disturbed

Being online while trading is risky. You have to be online, of course. But you should shut down all the apps you don’t need while trading? Feeling like checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…? Remember the last time…how many minutes or hours you lost because of that? Social networks can wait, staying focused is what you need right now. Having a dog? Take it out for a walk before the news event. Are you hungry? Have a snack before the news event. Simply make sure that you’re ready when you need to.

Feeling like a coffee…?

Coffee can help you to stay awake, but it’s not the way how to stay awake all night if you want to have a good sleep when you’re finished with your work. Try to look for some other possibilities, there’s a wide choice. Green tea, chai, guarana,…you’ll sure find something according to your taste. Last but not least, if you’re a night owl, don’t forget that owls sleep during the day so take a good rest before you start working.

Are you ready?

You have a plan, you had a good rest, your spirits are up? Well done, sounds like you’re ready for prosperous night!